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Brainstorming Session

Schedule one hour with award-winning marketer, problem-solver and author of Bizkus: Dragonfire for Business & LIfe — Eric S. Townsend. Cultivate ideas. Plan for the future. Discover the root of current issues. jumpstart initiatives. Address and overcome any number of challenges your business currently faces.


There is no ceiling placed upon the value that can be gleened from this session. It’s all we can generate within the one hour, with no strings attached. Ideas are our most valuable resource. We don’t offer wild, theoretically sound yet unrealistic concepts for your consideration. We also don’t offer ideas speculatively. We’re imaginative with a passion and purpose. Get ready for fast flight initiatives that chip at competitors or reinforce your leadership position.

Getting Started::
Your purchase covers the first hour of brainstorming. additional 30-minute increments will be billed at $75 each. Charges will be made to a credit or debit card on file. We will email an authorization form for completion and faxback prior to the session.