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Google Analytics

Not a big fan of being "blissfully ignorant" while consumers enter, sniff and exit your website(s)? Want to know as much as you can about the traffic that's reaching your doorstep, so you can make better, data-driven decisions? If you're a business or serious hobbyist with the people power, mindset and necessary time to be strategic with website statistics, then this package is just for you. Price listed is the full cost.


You’ll receive four things as part of this introductory package. first — we’ll set up an account for you through Google Analytics. Visualize your website traffic data through charts and graphs, target advertising return on investment, produced customized reports, and share with colleagues. Take a tour of the features at Google’s websiteSecond — we’ll embed the necessary code at your website and test the sync with your Google Analytics account. Third — we’ll install software to WordPress that filters out “in-house traffic” registered by website contributors from your overall statistics (comes with a few minor, optional widgets). Lastly — we’ll install software to WordPress that publishes a high-level summary of your traffic next to each post and page in your wordpress dashboard. This productivity tool allows you to bypass logging in at Google just to view page views, exits, and uniques.

Require more sophistication and attention from Google? Have $150,000 to invest? Take a look at Google Analytics Premium. Is your website not built on a content management system like wordpress? It’s time to have a much larger discussion about where your website stands and where it needs to be heading. Start by reviewing our Website Starter Kit.

Getting Started::
Your purchase covers our time in setting up the account with Google, installing the software to your WordPress dashboard and following up to ensure all is working properly.