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Influence Point Analysis

An influence point is the opportunity to convert a sensory challenge into an emotional or psychological victory. They represent channels to your brand. In the midst of these ongoing challenges, impressions are delicate business. Outcomes can swing wildly from neutral to negative and back around quickly to positive. Success follows your ability to be prepared, stay in the present and capitalize on each opportunity. Each success reinforces your brand's momentum, strength of defense and valuation. Influence Point "Analysis" starts with a conversation and ends with a diagram of where your brand stands. Price listed is a 50% deposit.


The analysis part of our two influence point services includes two components. First — we initiate a conversation to explore and evaluate your brand’s performance at key channels with consumers and others. Second — we map performance in a simple diagram that details the total possible channels, the sophistication of influence points you’re leveraging, whether attention is needed in certain areas, and whether your brand is gaining, holding or losing ground at key interactions. Channels span the following (and in no particular order): introduction, experiences, interpersonal, customer service, social media, mobile, website, advertising, publicity, sales process, intimacy, training, exits.

Getting Started::
Your purchase covers a 50% deposit against 5 hours of consulting and the resulting IPA diagram ($500 total). Additional hours can be requested at a rate $100 each, charged to a credit or debit card on file. We will email an authorization form for completion and faxback.