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A value-packed suite that ensures search consumers will find your business on more than just google. Submit, refresh and track a basic profile as it displays locally on 30 secondary channels. Gain valuable, one-way backlinks from high-traffic websites. Save hours of data entry through a consolidated approach. Price listed is a deposit against a $675 investment.


You’ll receive seven things as part of this package. Create Your Profile — fields include logo, contact information, introductory copy, photos, and videos. List Locally — submit your profile to 30 secondary search channels, with a combined monthly reach of 150 million consumers. Update Regularly — revise your profile and increases relevance. as a direct result, your information displays more often. Refreshes vary in frequency from instantly to weekly, depending upon the channel. Launch Special Offers — more than just listing your basic information, set special offers. Refreshes vary in frequency from instantly to daily, depending upon the channel. Solicit Reviews — third party endorsements are the currency that guarantee exposure in the search business. Collecting and displaying reviews provides a powerful tool that build your credibility. Track Exposures — view daily counts by location for your profile. Gain Valuable Backlinks — each profile includes a one-way backlink from a high-traffic website. That’s 30 in all. Nothing will boost your search engine ranks more.

Getting Started::
Your purchase covers a $500 deposit against a final investment of $675.00. Secondary payment charged to a credit or debit card on file upon successful submission of all profiles. We will email an authorization form for completion and faxback.