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Mobile Shopping Enhanced — 101

Do shoppers need a magnifying glass to browse your website on their smartphone or tablet? The time is now to enhance their mobile shopping experience! transform the website they visit to something that resembles an app. Streamline their options. Larger text. Easy menu bars with icons. All of this while the desktop version remains the same. Price listed is a 50% deposit.


You’ll receive four things as part of this introductory package. First — we’ll consult with you on the key differences between desktop and mobile browsing. Second — we’ll create a secondary version of your “desktop website” that loads when people visit from an iPhone or other mobile/PDA. The end result resembles an app-like presentation. Less is more when browsing on the go! Third — we’ll provide up to three new website pages that only display when people visit via mobile device. An example of this could be a tab that helps people visit and sign up to your Twitter feed. Fourth — we’ll select illustrative icons from our base set that make the drop-down menu more inviting and easy to navigate. If you would like custom icons to be created — something more directly matching your brand experience — then view our “Mobile Shopping Enhanced — 201″ service

Getting Started::
Your purchase covers the initial 50% deposit against the overall purchase price of $350. Secondary payment will be charged to a credit or debit card on file, timed with a draft of the mobile experience. We will email an authorization form for completion and faxback.