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Mobile Shopping Enhanced — 201

Once you've invested in our Mobile Shopping Enhanced — 101 service, the 201 level punches things up a few notches. Customize the finer details of the mobile experience. Rival the first-in-class websites in your marketplace. You can't ride a wave unless you get out in front of it! Price listed is an initial deposit toward an indefinite scope upgrade.


You’ll receive five things as part of this package. First — we’ll alert consumers on their first visit via mobile device that they can create an app from your website. This allows for easy visits in the future. They simply need to click an icon we automate from among their other apps. Second — you’ll receive a splash page with your logo, or some other type of greeting screen. No web-based app is complete without this! Third — custom icons will be developed for the menu bar. These replace the ones we selected from our base set. Designed specifically for you, so the brand experience is as tight as it can be. Fourth — we’ll revise a portion of the written content from the desktop version of your website, so that the mobile read is also optimized. Fifth — we’ll repackage one or more key website functions for mobile (eg. how audio is played, since devices like iPhone can’t launch many website’s Flash audio players).

Getting Started::
This purchase covers an initial deposit of $300. as this is a custom endeavor, the total investment will be determined upon the scope of the work that’s needed. Secondary payment will be charged to a credit or debit card on file, timed with a draft of the mobile experience. We will email an authorization form for completion and faxback.