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Music Packaging

Do what it takes to stand out in the bins, on the display end cap, on the merchandise table at shows, on facebook, and more. Don't trust friends, family members and amateurs with software and a promise to make this sing for you. Call on an award-winning professional. Price listed is a 50% deposit.


You’ll receive four things as part of this package. First — we review competing products, with an eye for placing you among (and ahead) of artists in your genre. Second — we brainstorm with you to arrive at an overall concept. This can be something in the music or a parallel metaphor. Third — you get a sharp set of artwork from a designer/writer who’s been recognized for excellence by the AMA, SIAA, SMPS, PR Week magazine, Washington Business Journal, and others. included is at least a four panel carrier (ie. digipak, ecowallet, jewlecase insert). If the format is a plastic jewelcase, then you also receive a potential fifth and sixth panel for the traycard (behind the CD tray). The final touch is the screen-printed art on the CD face. Fourth — we send the press-ready files to your chosen manufacturer. Your payment here is a 50% deposit against a total investment of $500 (just short of 7 hours).

Getting Started::
Your purchase covers the initial 50% deposit against a total investment of $500 (just short of 7 hours). Your second payment will be charged to a credit or debit card on file, timed with a draft of the art. We will email an authorization form for completion and faxback.