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SEO Primed

With this breakthrough in search engine optimization (SEO) services, you will be trained from zero to expert in the art of Google-optimized content generation. We provide the do-it-yourself software that walks you through each step in the process plus access to one hour of monthly consultation to make the most of your new investment. This purchase establishes a system of credits through which you can optimize up to 40 website pages per month. Additional credits are available for purchase via custom proposal. Price listed is the first of 12 equal, monthly payments.


This is an exclusive offer to clients who built their website with ESTMKTG. Interested in creating a website with us? Take a look at our “Website Starter Kit” — also in the shop.

You’ll receive two things. First — we license and install a piece of software that introduces several new areas to your WordPress dashboard. This product guides you through micro-exercises that help you to identify and attract the right kind of search engine traffic, while converting these visItors to customers through sound copywriting. You’ll even get recommendations to social media contacts and other publishers for backlinks and additional visibility for your offering. Second — we schedule a hands-on consultation each month with SEO expert Eric S. Townsend. Discuss short and long-term search marketing goals, get answers to burning questions, make sure you’re leveraging the software properly, and much more.

Your payment here is the initial monthly installment against an annual investment of $1,800. Credits will be issued which enable you to optimize up to 40 pages each month.

Getting Started::
Your purchase covers the initial month’s payment. Additional months at $150 will be charged to a credit or debit card on file. We will email an authorization form for completion and faxback. You can cancel this plan at any time.