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Share Network (Membership, Year 1)

We know how important "social signals" have become in the Google algorithm for ranking websites. Each time the content you create at your website is blasted to leading social media pages, there's an opportunity to increase your business' visibility and boost your credibility in the marketplace. Google is watching and looking to reward you. Joining the Share Network is a turnkey way to guarantee regular surges of desirable activity each time you post information at your website. No more awkward begging with your friends and associates to help grow your business! Price listed is the full cost of dues.


This is an exclusive offer to clients who built their website with ESTMKTG. Interested in creating a website with us? Take a look at our “Website Starter Kit” — also in the shop.

Here’s how it works. First — we license and install four pieces of software that streamline the connectivity of three key social media channels: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. The most important of these upgrades syncs each new publication of content from your website with an excerpted blast to your facebook wall. next, we take the same action with your LinkedIn account. Lastly, we run your Twitter feed into a widget that displays prominently on each page of your website (via the sidebar or footer) as well as blasting to your Facebook wall. Once the above are completed, new content published from your website is automatically blasted to Facebook and LinkedIn. That’s visibility at three websites from one posting. Also, when you tweet at Twitter, your website and Facebook page are updated with an instant feed (with your website storing an archive of back tweets as well). Second — each member in the share network becomes friends with you on Facebook, a follower of yours on Twitter and a connection of yours at LinkedIn. This puts members in a position to see and act on all of your new content as soon as it is pubished. It also provides an immediate bump to your friend, follower and connection counts. When you publish new content from your website, members in the share network execute a shortlist of social media tasks that bolster your website’s Google ranking. The more active you are with generating content from your website, the more value you’ll glean from the share network. Third — while not obligated to hire or purchase from your business, members of the Share Network naturally become highly aware of your offering, and they regularly field inquiries from their networks as they recommend your content among contacts. The reach from this investment is staggering when you consider that most members have hundreds in their networks.

Getting Started::
Your purchase covers all initial work plus annual membership dues for year 1. Dues for years 2 and beyond will be $240 each, also in advance. We will email an authorization form for completion and faxback, along with an option for auto-renew (if you prefer that convenience).