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Share Network (Membership, Year 2 & Beyond)

This option is for renewing your first-year membership, all subsequent memberships in the Share Network. Price listed is the full cost of dues.


This is an exclusive offer to clients who built their website with ESTMKTG. Interested in creating a website with us? Take a look at our “Website Starter Kit” — also in the shop. please review the “Share Network (membership, year 1)” cart item for a complete description of this service. Membership for your second year and beyond excludes the upfront work and maintains the ongoing tasks of the network on your behalf.

Getting Started::
Your purchase covers annual membership dues for each year after your first. You’ve made your first year investment in syncing up your social media pages with your website. If you didn’t elect for auto-renew, then now is your chance to commit for the long haul.