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Tweet Fleet

Learn to leverage Twitter as an effective direct marketing tool for your business. Build or increase an existing fleet of followers. Run exciting promotions. Keep your passion, personality and expertise in front of more people week. Track how consumers interact with your brand. Being active on Twitter can even provide a bump to the Google rank of your business' website. This is one marketing channel that ramps up quickly. Add approximately 60 new followers each month (720 by the end of the first year). Please inquire about our super-charged follower count boosters – up to 100,000 new followers added!


You’ll receive eight things as part of this package. First — we consult with you to get a sense of what you do and where your consumer “sweet spot” lies. Second — we build or improve upon your Twitter profile page. Includes basic profile setup, lead graphic, custom color scheme to match your brand and introductory paragraph. Third — we research leading Twitter profiles in your industry and invite their followers to also follow you (a.k.a. “cherry-picking”). Fourth — we augment cherry-picked followers with those committed to a quick “follow back,” which augments your numbers more reliably. Fifth — we publish a weekly tweet to your profile. Each of these messages is sent to industry-specific feeds that help attract followers for you organically (without a request first from you). To supercharge results, we recommend that you, an assistant or intern tweet daily or multiple times each day (to stay in front of consumers more than less). Sixth — for those who request to follow you organically, an automated message is sent. We recommend you use this to promote a website, trending product/service/information or a promotion. Seventh — we install browser-base software that allows you to track and impact behavior at your profile, including charting consumer demographics. Eighth — we schedule a 30-minute consultation each month to discuss short and long-term search marketing goals, as they pertain to Twitter.

Please note: we are not responsible for those who choose to opt out of your tweet fleet (a.k.a. to unfollow you). Twitter will not notify us of unfollows. We can help you to track this activity.

Getting Started::
your purchase covers the initial month’s payment. additional months bill at $297 and will be charged to a credit or debit card on file. we will email an authorization form for completion and faxback. you can cancel this plan at any time.