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Website Hosting (Month-to-Month)

Simplify your website hosting. Never pay a penny while your website is under development (assumption: 3-month build or faster). Receive unlimited amounts of everything — storage space, bandwidth, protocol, code compatibility, plus access to as many email accounts as you desire. Rest assured knowing your website is protected on a dedicated server (not a shared resource with other websites), with direct lines to an expert care provider and discounts for downtime that isn't scheduled maintenance. All of this, and we promise that your price point will never change. Price listed is the full cost each month.


You’ll receive seven things as part of this package through our website hosting partner, Morphatic. First — we provide unlimited amounts of what’s needed. That’s unlimited storage space, bandwidth and email accounts. Second — we provide a dedicated server, not a shared server. The latter means that other accounts are being lumped onto your server. Successes and problems for them affect what’s available to you. This is not a concern with dedicated resources. Third — we’ll park your developing website on a dedicated server free of charge, for the entire time that you’re in development. When you’re ready to go live, then we start billing for the website hosting. Fourth — we’ll provide a 30-day guarantee on your satisfaction. If for any reason you’re unhappy with our service, then please request your money back in full. No questions asked. Fifth — we’ll discount for down time, which should show you just how serious we take your account. If we go down for any reason other than scheduled maintenance, and we haven’t given you notice of that work, then we’ll be discounting that month starting at 10% off. Discount to be determined on a case by case basis. Sixth — we’ll provide the direct line to an expert care provider you can call at any time to address needs and concerns. Of course, you can always contact your ESTMKTG representative as well. Seventh — all of this, and we promise that your price point will never change. It’s the ultimate grandfather clause.

Getting Started::
Your purchase covers the initial “go live” and first month of service. Subsequent payments can continue monthly at $20, or be switched to a yearly retainer. Latter option is $216 and saves you $24 (10% off, or $18/month). Morphatic will email all information that’s necessary, once we’ve gone live with your website. You’re always free to switch to a new website hosting company at any time.