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Website Landing Page

Opening up a new business? Rolling out a new line of products or services? Running an exclusive promotion? When you want to make that big announcement, roll out the red carpet, create a countdown to launch, or pass along sharp savings — do so by adding a temporary landing page to your website. For those who feel that our Website Starter Kit is more than is needed at 5 pages, here's an offer that delivers all that you need on a single page for a third of the other investment. Website Hosting is an additional expense, starting at just $20/month through our partner, Morphatic.


You’ll receive six things as part of this package. First — you get a web-based billboard (essentially an advertisement) from an art director and writer who’s been recognized for excellence by the Webby Awards, AMA, SIAA, SMPS, PR Week magazine, Washington Business Journal, and others. Your design includes the first draft of any artwork or copy that’s needed. Second — if this is a new web presence, then we’ll park the page at a Google-savvy domain name. Our advice on choosing the domain name and your first year of registration are included. Third — we’ll provide access to a “client dashboard,” whereby editing existing pages and creating new ones is an absolute breeze. There are very few limiting factors as you look to advance your landing page into a full-blown website. Ecommerce, Flash-assisted video and audio players, a million specialized widgets for social media, content sharing, and more. Building a website on anything less than the leading content management system (CMS) is simply not good enough. We build on the self-hosted, professional edition of wordpress (currently ranked the world’s #1 CMS). For those who already have a website that we didn’t develop, and who are looking to simply add a landing page, please migrate your assets over to WordPress or be ready for the switch. We only build on that platform. Fourth — you’ll receive extensive documentation so you can leverage all of the WordPress bells and whistles — not just those that are abundantly obvious or initially pressing. Fifth — we’ll be available to schedule 30 minutes of one-on-one training, during which time we can answer targeted questions, illustrate potential next steps and show how you’d use the CMS to get there.

Getting Started::
Your purchase covers the entire baseline investment for a single landing page. If your requirements are more robust than lean, then a secondary payment may become necessary. It will be charged to a credit or debit card on file. We will email an authorization form for completion and faxback. See also “website hosting” services for that additional expense (starting at just $20/month).