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Website Tuneup

Websites are very much like other valued investments. They require regular care and upkeep. To keep your website looking fresh, running at peak performance and ranking as it should with Google — we provide a seasonal service that covers a spectrum of checks and adjustments. Price listed is the first of four equal payments each year.


You’ll receive 10 things as part of this package. First — you’ll be updated to the latest version of the WordPress content management system. Second — all specialized technologies (a.k.a. plugins) will be updated to the latest version or swapped out for any improvements that have entered the marketplace. Third — we’ll check your website’s ongoing compatibility with the leading internet browsers. A website that falls out of sync will be displaying items that no longer function as they were intended. Fourth — all bugs, typos or other errors we discover along the way will be removed or corrected. Fifth — we’ll install Google webmaster tools and report on findings. Sixth — you’ll receive improvements to the level of search engine optimization (SEO), where possible. Seventh — we’ll restore or remove any broken links to external resources that have changed address (these also hurt seo). Eighth — the level of hacker security will be reviewed and elevated, where possible. Ninth — reduce or eliminate the amount of spam messages making their way to your wordpress comments area and email inbox. Tenth — we’ll estimate any new development items that interest you.

The package will be rolled out seasonally, over the course of the contracted year. A game plan will be provided at the outset.

Getting Started::
Your purchase covers the initial quarterly payment of $187.50 against the overall purchase price of $750. Subsequent payments will be charged to a credit or debit card on file. We will email an authorization form for completion and faxback.